The Tractometer is our online evaluation system for tractography.
Send us your raw FiberCup diffusion data, your ODFs or your fiber tracts and we will give you your ranking!


The SCIL is now contributing to DIPY.


If you want a distribution of the in-house SCIL python tools (SCILPY) used in our papers, email Maxime Descoteaux.


The FiberNavigator has several cool new features available (see tutorial):


The CaveFibers project is a student project done as a collaboration between the SCIL and the Université de Sherbrooke’s Laboratoire d’Immersion et d’interaction humaine.
Its goal was to create a tractography immersive visualization environment in the CAVE-like system of the Université de Sherbrooke. You can watch a video of the project in action here.
See this page for various dataset packages


Movies of selected results: