Welcome to the Sherbrooke Connectivity Imaging Laboratory (SCIL) website! The lab is headed by Professor Maxime Descoteaux, Ph.D and focuses on brain connectivity from state-of-the-art diffusion MRI acquisition, reconstruction, processing & visualization. The aim of the SCIL is to better understand structural connectivity.



NEWS: Spring 2015: - Étienne St-Onge wins the general public prize for Best Image: “curves of the white matter”

Spring 2014: - Gabriel Girard obtains a honorable mention at the Art of NeuroScience 2014


-January 2014: A SCIL video and images part of the National Geographics – Brain issue.

Image published in National Geographics - Brain Issue

National Geographics


Science Magazine & Brain art winner 2012

Science Magazine & Brain art winner 2012

-April 2013: The SCIL is a winner in two categories of the ISBI HARDI Reconstruction Challenge 2013.


-Febuary 2013: A SCIL image in the prestigious Science Magazine. A SCIL fiber tracking image also makes the cover of Nature Reviews Neurology.




Cover of Quebec Science magazine January 2012

-September 2012: Code Chastenay with Kevin Whittinstall (CHUS).


-October 2011: M. Descoteaux, the SCIL and neurosurgeon D. Fortin are on Découverte, Radio-Canada.