Apr 23

Prize in the 2012 BrainArt competition

Brain art winner 2012

Brain art winner 2012

Maxime Chamberland, one of the students of the lab, won a prize in the HBM 2012 BrainArt competition. The winning submission is here.

The image, called Cerebral Infiltration, shows the effects of a high-grade brain tumor on the white matter fibers of the brain. Fibers are colored (red to blue) according to their closest distance to the tumor, which provides an efficient way to visualize the impact of the tumor or tumor resection on the brain’s white matter.

Congratulations to Maxime!

Feb 08

Cover of Nature Reviews Neurology

A fiber tracking image from the SCIL makes the cover of Nature Reviews Neurology journal. Nature reviews neurology is a prestigious journal with an impact factor of 6.5. A different colormap of the figure will appear every month of the year 2012.

Jan 01

Cover of Quebec Science

SCIL Image makes the cover of Quebec Science. The blue fibers from the “Preuve par l’image” is selected to make the cover of Quebec Science of January 2012.

Oct 22

M. Descoteaux & D. Fortin @ Découverte

Maxime Descoteaux and David Fortin appear on the Découverte show, on Radio-Canada. The 10 minute report highlights recent work bringing diffusion MRI and state-of-the-art fiber tractography in the neurosurgical operation room.

Aug 15

3rd prize and public prize for the best scientific image

Fibers colored in blue

The SCIL team is proud to announce that it has won the third prize and the Eureka public prize in the “La Preuve par l’Image” scientific image contest. This contest, created and managed by the ACFAS, aims to provide recognition to great images created in the course of scientific research, either publicly or privately funded.

The image that the team presented is the following one.

The image, called Cerebral Highways, represents an axons network linking the different parts of the brain. The blue coloring was chosen to highlight the density of fibers.

May 31

Most promising students award OCTAS 2011

Prix de la relève OCTAS 2011

Arnaud Boré, Gabriel Girard and Olivier Vaillancourt from the SCIL win the most promising computer science students award for their neuroplanning navigator software.

Mar 31

DEC honoris

M. Descoteaux the first ever Diplôme d’Études Collégiales (DEC) honoris for his contribution to Science. The honoris diploma was given by the Carrefour de la réussite au collégial et la Fédération des cégeps during the 7th colloquium of the Carrefour, under the presidence of Pierre Chastenay, general director of the Montreal Planetarium and lead on the sciencitific show the Code Chastenay.

Oct 02

Star Researcher of the “Rendez-vous du savoir”

Maxime Descoteaux was nominated as Star Researcher by the partners of the “Rendez-vous du savoir”. This member of the Moivre research center is part of the 5 young and promising researchers that won the first Ça mérite d’être reconnu! contest. He was selected in a group of 46 applicants coming from 14 academic institutions from all over Québec. All in their thirties, these university researchers have made their mark through works contributing to the advancement of knowledge and which applications will have a concrete impact in our day to day lives.

Jun 01

Research and creativity award

Maxime Descoteaux wins the $5,000 Research and Creativity award 2010 at Université de Sherbrooke.

Apr 12

Eastern Townships emeritus

M. Descoteaux receives an Eastern Townships Emeritus from La Tribune newspapers for his contribution to imaging tools for neurosurgical planning.

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