Mar 11

Prix du public – best image – Les courbes de la matière blanche!

Preuve par l’image 2015.

Mar 02

ISMRM 2015 Tractography Challenge

The SCIL is proud to announce the ISMRM 2015 Tractography Challenge! We encourage all interested labs and researchers in participating. We hope that the community will gain important insights into the state-of-the-art tractography pipelines.

Jun 01

“Connectomics: Is it Worth the Money” – ISMRM 2014 Debate

Diffusion Study Group ISMRM 2014 (Connectomics: Is it Worth the Money?)
Dmitry Novikov and Maxime Descoteaux face off in what turned out to be a 50/50 battle :)

Apr 16

Honorable Mention – Art of NeuroScience – Gabriel Girard, PhD at the SCIL

Art of neuroscience 2014. Images and Videos.Award winning image

Apr 15

Cave Fibers: a new immersive visualization project

The SCIL, in collaboration with the Université de Sherbrooke’s Laboratoire d’Immersion et d’interaction humaine, has started a new student project aiming to bring tractography visualization to a CAVE-live environment.

You can find the project page here (Github), as well as a video showing the project in action on Youtube.

Thanks to Patrick Bellavance-Marcoux, Bachelor’s in Imaging science and digital media from the Université de Sherbrooke, for all the hard work on the project.

If you are interested in contributing to the project, please contact Jean-Christophe Houde or Maxime Descoteaux.

Apr 05

Do’s and dont’s of diffusion MRI

RBIQ/QBIN great 2-day workshopRBIQ Do's & Don'ts of diffusion MRI

Great International Invited Speakers:

  • Flavio Dell’Acqua
  • Jacques-Donald Tournier
  • Alexander Leemans
  • Jennifer Campbell
  • Maxime Descoteaux

Jan 25

The SCIL in the National Geographics

National Geographics

Cover of National Geographics

A SCIL video and images from the collaboration with neurosurgeon Dr. David Fortin is part of the National Geographics – Brain issue.

Yahoo nouvelle

Radio-Canada interview

TVA interview

La Tribune

La Nouvelle UdeS

CBC radio

Denis Lévesque TVA

Apr 25

The SCIL now a member of NSREC-CREATE

The SCIL is now part of the NSERC-CREATE Program in Medical Image Analysis.

This program provides participating students with a well-rounded academic background, seminars, short courses, summer school, professional training (SKILLSETS), and practical experience in industry and academia through internships.

The program is open to students from the undergrad level up to, and including, post-doctoral researchers.

Apr 23

Presence at MICCAI 2012

Many members of the SCIL attended MICCAI 2012 to present our most recent works. You can have a look at our Publications page for more information.

Some of the highlights:

Apr 23

The Code Chastenay talked about Maxime Descoteaux and Kevin Whittingstall

Part of the Code Chastenay show of September 11th, 2012 was dedicated to Maxime’s research with Kevin Whittinstall, one of our collaborators from the CHUS.

The segment of the show were Maxime and Kevin present their research can be viewed here (french only).

In this report on Maxime’s and Kevin’s research, the reporter explains the current collaboration work between both researchers. They are trying to map the Hippocampus’ connectivity network by combining dMRI and fMRI. This technique could be used to study Alzheimer’s disease.

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